Frequently Asked Questions about Bombol’s Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer

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Not a Bouncer just for babies!

Not long ago we have celebrated the 10th birthday of our Bamboo Bouncer.  It is not for nothing that the Bamboo remains as the only bouncer in the market that can accommodate your child from birth to almost 5 years old (18kg)!  Through the years, we have collected various customer feedbacks and gained more ideas on how to make the already pretty perfect Bamboo Bouncer into something that is close to FLAWLESSThe Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer!  We have recently been ranked as one of the best baby bouncer on the product review platform "OdeMagazine"!

To those who are new to Bombol’s baby bouncer, or would like to know more about our Bamboo 3DKnit bouncer, we have put together the below Q&A.  Hopefully, this can help you understand the bouncer a bit more and see where the value for money on this long-lasting piece of furniture is that grows with your child, and the one after, and maybe the one after that…

Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer in toddler setting and newborn setting

Why is the Bamboo 3DKnit so special when compared to other bouncers that cost only a fraction of the price?

Useful for a lot longer

Our bouncer is the only one in the market that allows you to use from newborn until almost 5 years old (up to 40 lbs / 18kg) as it is certified both as a bouncer and a chair. Other bouncers in the market might be cheaper, but you can only use them between 6 to 15 months.

Six children of different age sitting on their own Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer

No more sweaty necks and backs

The 3DKnit technology makes the seat completely breathable so sweaty necks and backs of baby can get more air! We can also engineer different support strengths into different areas of the back rest all in one go with no seams.  So, your child can have just the right amount of support on the neck and back area or wherever it is needed with extra comfort.

Super Sturdy

Furthermore, our patented frame is made of aeronautical grade aluminium (similar to that used in aerospace / car industry).  At the same time, its patented front curves create soft bounces just from your child’s own movement. There is no need for battery powered gimmicks that can easily breakdown.

Super Comfy

When baby is older, the bouncer can be converted into toddler mode and be used as a relaxing lounge chair for chilling out, reading, or watching TV.  It is a piece of furniture your child can truly call his own for years to come.

What is the “DBR”?

The patented Dynamic Back Rest allows the child to choose his own sitting position by the shifting of his body weight, just like an office chair. It also has infinite degrees of inclination and when your child is leaning back, he can lay flatter than other bouncers, letting his belly and chest area to open up more. This way your baby is not always seated in the same position with his belly folded up even when in the inclined position.

Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer in various inclination positions

Which setting to use at which weight / age?

Our 8 months old baby is 22 lbs / 10 Kg and can sit up but not walk. What setting is appropriate? It seems that he has grown out of the newborn configuration (S) but is still too young for lounge seat (L)?

According to the American safety regulation, as long as baby is not yet walking, the newborn configuration (S) needs to be used. But if you think your baby is getting a bit bigger now, you can adjust the T-shaped safety harness by shifting the buttons on either side to another button-eyelet located on the lateral for a looser fit.

So if even he is over the 20 lbs / 10 Kg limit he can still use the newborn configuration (S)?

Of course! For our product, the weight is not a determining factor of the configuration you use because the frame can hold beyond 165 lbs / 75kg anyways! But the weight is usually a guideline provided by safety regulators to indicate the approximate age the baby is in and therefore which mode you need to use.

What is the filler material of the Bamboo 3Dknit™ seat?  Is it a sponge or a foam?

The Bamboo 3DKnit™ bouncer does not use PU or EVA foam as padding. We use a polyester 3D spacer material that is much more breathable and is recyclable.

We are always here to answer your questions

Should you have any other questions or would like us to clarify any of the above points, please send us an email at or leave us a message on our Facebook page.  We have also prepared a series of tutorial videos showing you how to install and use the Bamboo 3DKnit bouncer.

Stay Sparky!

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