Give Yourself Some Love, You Deserve It!

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Our own well being is just as important as our kids’

We need to be strong before we can be selfless!

When I was small, my mother used to tell me how important it is, for my personal growth, to become a parent one day.  It is only then will I learn the true meaning of “selflessness”.  Now that I am a mother I understand what she meant.  Our children are EVERYTHING to me and my husband and we would gladly give up everything to keep them healthy, safe, and happy.

Self-care is the first step

During this challenging time, our kids rely on us to give them the necessary physical and mental support to brave on with their remote learning routines and deal with the missed contacts with close friends and beloved relatives.  We are still constantly in a vigilant mode to try keep ourselves and our family safe from any form of harm and it can get really stressful and tiring after so many months.  To fulfil the calling of “Selflessness” we first need to “Self-Care”!  It is super important to keep a positive attitude and stay healthy not only physically but also mentally for the sake of our family.  I find this article by Sarah Fader so helpful in explaining the importance of self-care as a parent and the effect it has on ourselves and our children.

Take a moment for yourself everyday

Take a breather whenever possible

When you are toiling with the daily tasks of working from home, doing housework, helping the kids with their remote learning, getting 3 meals a day ready for the entire family, it is easy to feel your mental and physical strength melt away as the day wears on.  There are so many parents that are going through the same challenges and it definitely helps to hear their stories and maybe learn how others deal with similar issues.  Take a coffee break in your busy day and listen to an episode of some interesting parenting podcasts such as these can bring a smile to your face and remind you that you are not alone in the career of parenthood!

Plan a workout with everybody and reap the benefits together

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Drop down and gimme 10 push-ups!

Another great way to de-stress is to spare a bit of time each day or a couple of times each week to do some form of exercise.  As many of us know already, but might just need a warm reminder, that working out helps your body to release more serotonin, the hormone that keeps your mood up!  Why not pen in a workout session or two with your kids and get everyone into a better mood and achieve better health at the same time?  You might find some good ideas here for a family workout routine at home!

Hang in there for just a bit longer

Take good care of yourself so you can take care of others

We might still have another bit to go before this pandemic nightmare is behind us, so we need to stay strong and live long! Sometimes it is enough to start from the basics and stop ignoring the cries for a time-out from our bodies, maybe these methods could be a good beginning.

Bombol salutes all the selfless parents who are doing their best everyday for their families and we send you a huge virtual hug of solidarity!

Stay Sparky!

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