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The role of a modern father has become more multi-faceted than ever, being the breadwinner for the family is no longer the only role he plays. As many moms take on an active role in contributing financially to the family, dads are shouldering more responsibilities in the household too.  Additionally, the recent trend of remote working seems to have become a new norm that is here to stay.  So, many fathers are now sharing the important role of caregivers in the home.  Just like the mothers who need to balance work and family, fathers are facing the same challenges.  So, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to thank them for the wonderful things they are doing for their families!

Dad drawing with daughter

Natural born fathers

Let’s not let the stereotypical role of a father mislead us!  Men are great caregivers, and they can do just as splendid a job in raising the kids as moms.  Some dads seem to have this magical touch to make the most mundane things fun and exciting for kids.  I love these computer-edited photos a dad took of his kids when he spends time at home that shows all the fun he has with (and of) his kids!  When given the chance, many fathers would rise up to the occasion and take on any chore given to them if it gives them the chance to bond with their children.  

Dad at restaurant with son

Dad to the rescue

I remember when our first daughter was born, my husband was a freelance designer working from home, and he proved to be invaluable to me and our baby in those first few months.  Our little one was so relaxed and content in her bouncer that she tended to have her bowel movement whenever she was in it!  Due to my lack of skills with the diaper, there would be frequent “vertical explosions” on her back all the way up to her hair!  Now, as a new mom, how do you hold your screaming baby with one hand and peel off her onesie with the other without accidentally dropping her or getting her face full of “liquid gold”?  At this moment, hubby would come to the rescue by dropping whatever he was doing and taking our baby into the shower with him so I could hose both of them down while he hugged her close and kept her calm.  My hero who came to our rescue deserved a gold medal!   

Dad with baby girl

Photo: @disasterswithdad & @ellijunior

The unsung hero

There are also many dads who are the primary caregivers for their children, and that is certainly not an easy task.  Although they are perfectly capable of taking on this role just like their female counterparts, there are so many stigmas and challenges they must face.  There might be a misconception from the grandparents’ generation that men who choose to stay at home with their children are not career-minded or not “masculine” enough.  So many social gatherings that involve children are usually attended by mothers, so dads might feel under-represented or isolated.   Yet, in reality, stay-at-home dads contribute so much to their children and family but they just don’t get as much recognition as fellow full-time mothers.  The special bond that a child has with their parents should not be a privilege reserved only for mothers, but also for fathers too! 

Happy Father’s Day to all Sparky Dads!

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