It’s that spooky time of the year again!

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Candy Tray shaped like a pumpkin next to Pop-Up Booster

The much awaited Trick-or-Treat

Halloween is near and hopefully trick-or-treating in costumes out in the neighborhood is back again this year.  For kids who have resumed in-person classes at school can finally show off their costume creations that they had all last year and most of this year to design and finetune!! 

The Halloween Photo Corner is now open

For the small kiddies who are not yet vaccinated, I imagine many parents are still quite sceptical about getting them out there trick-or-treating.  But it is a pity to miss out on the fun of getting dressed up in their costumes and not to capture these precious moments with a nice portrait photo or two!  With the ultra-high-quality camera on mobile phones these days, it is not too difficult to set up a photo booth with some spooky backdrops and props.  The kids would have such a blast getting their photos taken!  Here are some useful tips in setting up your own studio at home.

Photo Booth with Props at home

Teal is the new Orange

Having grown up in Asia, to me Halloween, its costumes, and the trick-or-treat tradition were all part of the “Western” culture that I observed from afar, mostly from American TV shows.  But this quirky festival has evolved into such an international one through the years, many kids in Asia grew up trick-or-treating in costumes around their neighborhoods too!  Although for sure the kind of treats they get differ enormously from their fellow trick-or-treaters in North America!  I only got to learn about the Teal Pumpkin Project recently where families would put non-food treats, such as little toys or trinkets, in a blue pumpkin instead of candies in an orange one.  Although this project’s main aim is to make kids who have food allergies to enjoy trick-or-treating just as much, I find this an awesome idea to have the kids eat less sugary treats as a result!

Two kids in costume carving pumpkins

Have fun and enjoy Halloween!  Stay Spooky

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