Last Minute Summer Holiday Ideas

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Should I stay or should I go?

Summer is officially here, are you going to take some time off and take a vacation?  Have you planned your family’s Summer holiday down to the minute, or do you prefer to be spontaneous and let your moods guide you?  If you are still looking for inspiration, let’s explore some holiday ideas for 2022!

Booster in Tanzania

The travel itch

I know many of us are itching to travel again, and the best moment to get away with the entire family would be the summer when kids’ holidays are the longest.  But airlines and hospitality businesses around the world have only just started to operate with higher capacity, so services both in terms of availability and efficiency might not yet be at the optimal level.  Actually, this Forbes article paints a pretty grim picture of what it’s like to travel this Summer!  For those who are still determined to brave the unknown, it would be wise to research a bit more on some travel hacks that might help you navigate these unknown waters in the best ways possible.

Bunker down for some family fun

Game Night

After considering all the things that could possibly go wrong during one’s trip, the idea of staying put and enjoying a relaxing Summer doesn’t sound too bad after all.  But we have all explored the local attractions nearby already since we were given plenty of time (2 entire years to be precise) to do so!  Some creativity and imagination are certainly necessary to get the ball rolling, here are a long bucket list of Summer activities for your inspiration and I am sure there is something for everyone!

Little chefs in the making

Bowl of icecream with berries

Nothing beats cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the kids during a long Summer day!  Frozen fruit lollies, refreshing salads, and maybe some homemade ice-cream?  Gather a few little friends together and the kiddies can have an ad hoc cooking class, making fun and yummy snacks from kids-friendly recipes.  I also love snuggling up with the kids for a movie marathon while munching on some homemade caramel popcorn, this is my favorite recipe!

Feet with Daisies

Summer should be a season to slow down and spend some quality time with the family.  So, no matter what we decide to do this Summer, enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones and regenerate yourselves both mentally and physically!  

Have a Sparky Summer!

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